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Hammen Family Orchard Trees and apples

Our Orchard

The Hammen Family Orchard has been established for eight years, with some of our trees being almost 30 years old! We grow a variety of fruits across our orchard, many of which we use to make our own wines. We sell fresh apples, peaches, and asparagus in season.

Hammen Family Orchard & Winery Apples in Crates




Hammen Family Orchard & Winery Asparagus bunches


Hammen Family Orchard picking apples with crates and a ladder

Apple Tasting

We grow over 250 varieties of apples, specializing in old heirloom varieties, and we want to share them with you! 


Apple tasting takes place during Apple Season which runs from early August through December. Tastings are held on Saturdays at the Orchard.


W4794 County Rd E, Bonduel, WI 54107



Monday-Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm

Sunday 12:00pm-6:00pm

250+ Apple Varieties in Our Orchard

20 oz. Pippin Akane Akero Alamata Alexander Alkmene Amere de Berthcourt Apricot Arkansas Black Aroma Ashmead’s Kernel Autumn Gala Baldwin Beauty of Bath Belle de Boskoop Belmont Ben Davis Benoni Bietigheimer Black Gilliflower Black Oxford Blenheim Orange Blue Pearmain • Braeburn Bramley’s Seedling Brown Snout Bullock Calville Blanc d’hiver Cameo Candy Crisp Caney Fork Limbertwig Chenago Strawberry Chisel Jersey Cinnamon Spice Coe’s Golden Drop Colombia Russet Connell Red Cornish Gilliflower Cortland Court Penndu Plat Cox Orange Pippin Crimson Gold Crimson King Dabinett Dandee Red Darcy Spice Davey De Quint Deacon Jones Discovery Dutchess of Oldenburg Dyer Early Blaze Early Harvest Early Joe Early Strawberry Edelborsdorfer Edward VII Egremont Russet Ellis Bitter Ellison Orange Enterprise Erwin Bauer Esopus Spitzenburg Etters Gold Fall Pippin Fall Russet Fallawater Fearns Pippin Fireside Foxwelp Freedom Freiherr von Berlepsch Freyberg Future Gala Gilpin Ginger Gold Glockenapfel Gloria Mundi Glowing Coal Golden Noble Golden Nugget Golden Pearmain Golden Russet Golden Sweet Goldrush Granny Smith Gravenstein Grimes Golden Hadlock Reinette  Hampshire Mac Haralson Harrison’s Cider Hauer Pippin Hawaii Hawkeye Hazen Heyer Hidden Rose  Holiday  Holstein Honey Crisp Honey Gold Hoople’s Antique Gold Hubbardston Nonesuch  Hudson’s Golden Gem  Hunt Russet Hyde King Idared Irish Peach Jefferies Jonagold Jonathan  Jonwin  Kandil Sinap  Karmijn de Sonnaville  Keepsake  Kerry Pippin  Kidd’s Orange Red  King David Kingston Black  Knobbed Russet  Lamb Abbey Pearmain  Leitzke Seedling  Liberty  Lindsay Russet  Lodi Lord Lambourne  Lubsk Queen  Macoun  Maiden Blush  Malinda  Margil  Marigold  McIntosh  Melba Melon Melrose  Merton Beauty  Michelin  Milwaukee  Minkler Molasses  MonArk  Morgenduft  Mother Muscat de Bernay  Nehou  Newtown Pippin  Niagara  Nickajack  Niedwetzkyana  Nodhead  Northern Spy Northfield Beauty  Northwest Greening  Norton’s Melon  November Peach • Old Nonpareil • Oliver  Orenco  Ortley Oxheart Pippin  Ozark Gold  Pewaukee  Pink Pearl  Pink Princess  Pitmaston Pineapple  Pomme Gris  Porter • Prairie Spy Premier Honey Crisp  Primate  Pumpkin Russet  Pumpkin Sweet  Quint  Ramsdell Sweet  Razor Russet Reasor Green  Red Astrachan  Red Butterscotch  Red Giant Crab  Red Gravenstein  Red June  Red Limbertwig Red October • Redfield  Reine des Reinettes  Reinette de Champagne  Reinette d’Orleans  Ribston Pippin • Roman Stem  Rome  Rosemary Russet  Roxbury Russet  Rubinette • Rusty Coat  Sandow  Scott Winter  Shinassee Beauty Shizuka  Sierra Beauty  Sinta  Skinner’s Seedling  Smokehouse  Snapp Stayman  Snow Fameuse Snow Sweet Somerset of Maine  Sops of Wine  Spigold  Splendour • Spokane Beauty St. Edmund’s Pippin  State Fair Summer Pearmain  Summer Rambo  Summer Rose  Swaar  Sweet Alford (Cider)  Sweet Bough  Sweet Coppin Sweet Greening  Sweet Sixteen  Swiss Limbertwig  Taylor Sweet  Thielen  Tolman Sweet  Tom Putt Tompkins King Tremlett’s Bitter  Tydeman’s Late Orange  Uralian Butter  Victoria Limbertwig Wagener Washed Russet Washington Strawberry  Wealthy  Westfield Seek-No-Further White Astrachan White Limbertwig White Pippin White Winter Pearmain  Whitney Crab  Wickson Crab Williams William’s Pride Wine Crisp Winesap (StaymanWinesap) Winter Banana Wolf River Worcester Pearmain Wyken Pippin Wynoochee Early Yarlington Mill Yates Yellow Newtown Yellow Transparent York Imperial Zabergau Reinette Zestar

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