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Hammen Family Orchard and Winery Storefront with patio for sitting

Welcome To The Hammen Family!

Hammen Family Orchard was established in August of 2019 and specializes in fresh produce, cider, and wine. The orchard, winery, and cidar mill strives to produce and sell products of the highest quality. We have over 250 types of apples in our orchard and can't wait to share them with you.

Hammen Family Orchard & Winery Large Sign by the road

Our Story

A Family Endevour

Our story begins with Paul Hammen, the patriarch of the Hammen family, who followed his horticultural and wine-making passions in order to start the family business. While working as a lineman, Paul spent his free time for nearly 30 years tending to his small crop of heirloom apple trees, plum trees, pear trees, and grape vines and making his own wine as a hobby. As he approached retirement age, he decided to turn his hobbies into a family operation and began developing what would become the Hammen Family Orchard.


Today, the family’s land spans over 16 acres and includes apple, plum, pear, cherry, peach, and mulberry trees, grape vines, rhubarb and asparagus patches, raspberry and blackberry bushes, a full garden, and more.

Meet The Family

Family Owned & Operated

Paul & Leslie Hammen, Owners of Hammen Family Orchard & Winery

Paul & Leslie


Founders of Hammen Family Orchard.

Matt, Employee at Hammen Family Orchard & Winery



Matt is Paul's son-in-law and helps out with the day to day operations.

Amber Hammen, Employee at Hammen Family Orchard & Winery



One of Paul's daughters, Amber helps out with the winery and storefront.

Christopher, Employee at Hammen Family Orchard & Winery


Hammen Jung

One of Paul's grandchildren, Christopher helps his grandfather in the orchard.

Alyssa, Employee at Hammen Family Orchard & Winery



One of Paul's daughters, Alyssa helps out with the winery and storefront.

Blue & Tara two black dogs at Hammen Family Orchard & Winery

Tara &


Tara & Blue are official Guest Greeters at the orchard!

Heather, Employee at Hammen Family Orchard & Winery



One of Paul's daughters, Heather assists in the day to day operations.

Hammen Family Orchard & Winery Cyser Mead and Winter Apple Wine bottles on bar with two filled wine glasses


& The Seasons

The primary produce season for apples and peaches spans from early August to the end of the year. The wine bar is open daily for wine tasting and wine by the glass year round.

Throughout the year, we host a variety of events. We also offer after-hours reservations for anyone interested in hosting an event. Contact us for more information!

Going forward, we plan to host live music on an outdoor stage that is currently in process. We look forward to sharing great wine, great produce, and a great experience! Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business!

- Paul Hammen

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